From the recording Jason Andrew Brown

This song is dedicated to the memory of Jonathan Briley (aka 'The Falling Man') who died on September 11th 2001 at the World Trade Center in NYC, NY.


It's not looking good lord I think this is it
Got that sick sinking feeling when the last something hit
And through all the smoke around me I hear
Terrified people screaming in fear

All circuits went dead as I tried my last call
So I begged god to tell her I love her that's all
Now up on this ledge I gasp for my breath
This high up there's no rescue just waiting for death

The windows on the world weep with debris
Two symbols of freedom burn in effigy
In this panic a peace as I stare down below
Like an angel of mercy I suddenly know

Every question, every action my life was about
My choice is now choosing how will I go out
And how would you judge me who are not in my place
As a leap to my death or a last leap of faith?

With the flames rushing toward me staring death in the eye
I make my final decision not to burn, but to fly